[NA/EU/JP] Merge Item Stacks & Default Total Quantity

New MARKETBOARD settings: Default Total Quantity — The default total quantity Speeder will use if an item does not exist in Price List. Merge Stacks After List Inventory Items — If ON, duplicate item stacks in your inventory will be combined after List Items from Inventory completes. Merge Stacks After List Retainer Items — IfContinueContinue reading “[NA/EU/JP] Merge Item Stacks & Default Total Quantity”

Toggle Animation Hacks Keybind

A new setting has been added: this virtual key code toggles animation hacks on/off=0# This setting should be set to the virtual key code of the key you’d like to disable/enable all animation hacks.# This setting will NOT disable hacks related to keybinds. You can still perform instant block/dodge, for example. Download You are unauthorizedContinue reading “Toggle Animation Hacks Keybind”

[NA/EU/JP] /stoptimers & Search Setting Improvement

/stoptimers — Sets all timers to 0 (disabled) and stops any current Speeder operation.Keep in mind that if Speeder is activating keystrokes, this will disrupt the chat log.You may want to use a macro in this case. The Search Settings button now works with partial matches & will activate with the enter key. Download YouContinue reading “[NA/EU/JP] /stoptimers & Search Setting Improvement”

[KOR] Summoning Bell / Market Board Fix

Speeder should be able to find Summoning Bells & Market Boards now. If it’s not working, try setting “Summoning Bell Name” to “Summoning Bell” (i.e. the default setting). Speeder will automatically convert “Summoning Bell” to the Korean equivalent (초인종). Download You are unauthorized to view this page.

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