QoL Adjustments & Disable Animation Speed Keybind & Ship Settings

It is now possible reassign all the hotkeys Speeder uses. This is done via virtual key codes in Settings.ini. The Settings.ini included in this .zip has the hotkeys set to what they’ve always been, so if you are satisfied with the current hotkeys, you don’t need to do anything. A new keybind that just disablesContinueContinue reading “QoL Adjustments & Disable Animation Speed Keybind & Ship Settings”

[NA/EU/JP] Base Min. Stack off Retainer Names

New MARKETBOARD setting: Base Min. Stack off Retainer Names — If ON & if the same retainer is selling multiple stacks of the same item at the same price, the quantities of these stacks will be added together. This prevents situations where someone lists an item with a very low stack amount to throw offContinueContinue reading “[NA/EU/JP] Base Min. Stack off Retainer Names”

Close Game if Player Nearby

New setting has been added to Settings.ini: close game if player nearby=0# 0 is false. 1 is true. You must use this setting in conjunction with “disable hacks if players nearby.”# If this setting is 1 and the number of nearby players is greater than or equal to “disable hacks if players nearby,” the gameContinueContinue reading “Close Game if Player Nearby”

New Animation Cancel Key Setting

I don’t know how useful this is, but you guys have been great at finding exploits with stuff like this, so I figured it was worth adding. this virtual key code cancels all animations=0# If you press this key, the game will no longer be able to write timers for animations. Pretty much everything canContinueContinue reading “New Animation Cancel Key Setting”

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