Cooldown Hack Keybinds

You can now set key combinations to activate the cooldown hack: Separate each combo with the “|” character and each key with the “,” character. For example, to remove the cooldown for Tamer’s dash, you would use 160,32. If you had a second combo, you would place the second combo after the “|” character. TheContinueContinue reading “Cooldown Hack Keybinds”

BDO QoL Improvements

All Speeders for all regions/private servers have been consolidated into a single program. Simply type the corresponding command for the region you are playing on once you have logged in. This means that you can use the -download command for all servers/regions now. The security feature I introduced recently with the “cleaning up” message canContinueContinue reading “BDO QoL Improvements”

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