Elyon Teleport Command & Fix

New console commands have been added: -t x, y, z — Teleports you directly to x, y, z. (Short distances only.) -cl — Speeder will display your current coordinates in x, y, z. These will also be added to your clipboard for easy copy-paste. New keybind has been added: this virtual key code displays currentContinueContinue reading “Elyon Teleport Command & Fix”

Elyon Security Update

I have now implemented the same security features present in my other hacks in the Elyon Speeder. This includes two things: 1) You will receive (shortly) an email containing a driver that is unique to you. What many anticheats will do is ban driver certificates, and this circumvents the problem entirely by providing each personContinueContinue reading “Elyon Security Update”

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