[CN] Damage Hack Correction Improvement

Damage Hack Correction will now alter the hp of targets affected by the damage hack to match the amount of hp they should have if you had actually done [normal damage] + [added damage]. For example, if you have damage hack set to 100. The hp of anything hit by you will be reduced byContinueContinue reading “[CN] Damage Hack Correction Improvement”

[CN] Stat Adjustment Fix & Damage Hack Correction Fix

Stat adjustments should work alongside buffs Huton and Fuka now. I have adjusted the code for Damage Hack Correction to ensure that the correct previous damage dealt to a specific mob is used for the damage reduction. This should have only been an issue with a percent-based damage increase. Download You are unauthorized to viewContinue reading “[CN] Stat Adjustment Fix & Damage Hack Correction Fix”

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