FFXIV Status Effect Movement Hack Adjustment & Time to Fly/Slide Fix

Account for PvP Status Effects setting has been changed to Status Effect Movement Hack Blacklist: Status Effect Movement Hack Blacklist — A list of instance IDs in which Speeder should disable the Status Effect Movement Hack. Instance IDs can be found by activating the Battle Log within an instance. Separate each ID with the “|”ContinueContinue reading “FFXIV Status Effect Movement Hack Adjustment & Time to Fly/Slide Fix”

[NA/EU/JP] Multiple Service Account Fix

If Service Account number is greater than 0 or not blank, Speeder will assume you need to choose a service account upon logging in. This change means that the topmost service account is now 1 instead of 0. The order from top to bottom should be 1, 2, 3, etc. Download You are unauthorized toContinue reading “[NA/EU/JP] Multiple Service Account Fix”

[NA/EU/JP] /presskey2 & Friend List Fix

/presskey2 # — Will press the key corresponding to the virtual key code “#.” Virtual key codes can be found here: https://cherrytree.at/misc/vk.htm. The advantage to this command is that Speeder will activate the keybind via FFXIV’s memory and will not actually physically “press” the key. This prevents the key from being interrupted. This command isContinueContinue reading “[NA/EU/JP] /presskey2 & Friend List Fix”

[NA/EU/JP] Lock Character Position (Server) & Bug Fixes

New character hacks keybind: Lock Character Position (Server) — Toggles on/off whether your position is frozen on the server. If ON, Speeder will intercept all packets to the server and replace your coordinates with the coordinates of where you were when the hack was enabled. Essentially, if ON, everyone else will see your character asContinueContinue reading “[NA/EU/JP] Lock Character Position (Server) & Bug Fixes”

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